Are you an Appy traveller?

Here at JW HQ we’re launching exciting changes to enhance your travel experiences, enabling you to stay updated about the places you visit while you’re on the move.

ovi store-logo We’ve already launched a Journeywatch app beta for Nokia. This is available for the latest generation of Nokia touchscreen smart phones, including the impressive N8-00. Steve Jobs and his App Store permitting, the Journeywatch app is also about to become available in the App Store for iPhones. 

Turn On, Tune In

You know how when you’ve travelled in the past, you arrive in a country and are temporarily ‘blind’, experiencing a feeling of cultural disorientation, otherwise known as ‘culture shock’? Sound familiar?

This doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Switch on your smart phone as you walk off the plane at your destination and the Journeywatch app will recognise where you are and feed you the latest travel and in-country information.

Using Journeywatch you can see what issues are taking place near you and what others are saying about their location. You can also connect with other travellers to verify events or to make new friends. 

Your comments will geo-locate your position, showing others where events are happening.

We think of this as a 360 degree travel network giving you the ‘fly on the wall’ view of the person on the street and the view of the professional travel analyst.

iphone-list copy

 Street Cred and the Red Stars

We’ve also introduced a coloured star rating system that rewards you for frequent and useful comments. When you reach the red star you become eligible for discounts with affiliate retailers (these are the Red Star Offers). Give it a try!