The BlackBerry app is out, so is the Business Tracking Network

The BlackBerry app is now sitting in BlackBerry App World ready for Crackberry addicts everywhere to download. This is a beta version; while it locates and works fine, we are currently tweaking it to make the experience smoother and more robust. BlackBerry is a notoriously complicated multi-platform operating system generally unloved by app developers, so things take time.

We’re very excited about the new Journeywatch Travel Network for business travellers. Imagine a kind of ‘Twitter for travellers’ with geo-locating functionality and mapping. Travellers can be located to their smartphones, check on itinerary data, receive the latest critical event information and, in a personal or general emergency, communicate important location-linked information both ways.

In contrast, the majority of other corporate tracking products style themselves as tracking systems but they do not actually do tracking. All they do is monitor itinerary information feeds, meaning that they know when the traveller flies in and out of a city, and theoretically which hotel they are staying in, but  the period between arrival and departure is a hazy unknown.

Using the Journeywatch Travel Network, organisations are crystal clear about the locations of their travellers when they need to be. Executives need not worry that big brother in corporate headquarters is watching your every move. The default setting for the app is passive. That is, you have to post a message on your smartphone in order to reveal your location.

Should you need to, you can flick the app to automatic tracking and this will report your location every hour. Back in the office you and your colleagues’ updates and positions will appear on a map, which you can also access from where you are. So it’s really a private corporate travel community involving you and your colleagues.

If you’d like more information or a free trial please get in touch.

Finally, there are also developments afoot on the public social network side. But we’ll update you about those here soon!

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