Try our new features

Against the backdrop of heavy floods in the UK, protests in Southern Europe, Bangladesh and Bahrain, a kidnapping in Mali and the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East, it is a good time to tell you about the recent enhancements and changes to the Journeywatch platform designed to keep you on the map and make travel and living safer, at home and overseas.

We’ve now added a map page to the smartphone app for group accounts so that you can see your and your colleagues’ locations worldwide from the palm of your hand.  If you hover over a location dot on the map, a pop up will show you who it is. Also, in the app we have added a ‘Report on Arrival’ setting in addition to ‘Live Tracking’ that allows you automatically to send a location ‘ping’ on arrival in a country before your smartphone returns to the passive mode. This is great for people who are forgetful! – It’s not big brother, but it will let people at home or back at the office know that you have arrived, giving them some peace of mind.

Our smartphone app now has an emergency button that enables travellers to alert groups of managers or loved ones of an emergency situation by SMS, in addition to posting on the Journeywatch network. As long as they have cell network coverage they’ll receive your emergency post wherever they are.

The website has some changes too. We have rearranged the logged in interface, added an itinerary and a message page.

Anyone can create an account so sign up and give it a go in your organisation or group!

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