Journeywatch Travels is the official blog of journeywatch.com, providing people who travel with advice and discussion on topical travel related issues and updating them about new features on the website.

The seed for Journeywatch.com was sown on 26 December 2004 when a powerful tsunami swept across Asia wreaking havoc in the coastal areas of Sumatra, Southern Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, as well as in countries farther afield. It was a tragedy of biblical proportions. Nearly a quarter of a million people died in just 20 minutes on that morning.

The confused response by the authorities immediately following the disaster led Journeywatch’s founder, then working on a disaster recovery project in Southern Thailand, to dream of creating a web service where travellers come together to build a worldwide information ‘stringer’ network. By reporting what’s happening where they are, travellers could help build a picture of the situation on the ground anywhere, right now.

The result is Journeywatch. Still in it’s early stages, Journeywatch needs travellers to sign up and start reporting ‘what’s happening where you are?’. Start chronicling your journey, show your friends, family and colleagues back home where you are and spread the word. The user network is backed up by subscription services provided by travel analysts to assist people as they visit countries far from home. Sign up and join us now at http://www.journeywatch.com. Safe travels!

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